Revolution Arsenal – Bouldering Kits

Arsenal, not the football team but Revolutions new bundle kit and packed with useful weapons of choice it certainly is.

The Arsenal comes complete with a 30″x20″ Starter mat, Ration Pack, .45 Chalk Pot and the standard issue Revolution Brush Pack. The starter mat is revolutions little sit-start mat offering a dry clean spot to start your accent or something to prep your boots on. This would have been handy in Les Bossons this year due to the damp grass and moss. The .45 a cone shaped chalk pot designed not to fall over with a handy pocket for your brushes instead of often tricky loops. All This can be squeezed into the Revolution Ration Pack a zip top drybag style bag that’ll hold just about all you need for a quick boulder session.

Revolution Arsenal bouldering kits

Revolution have a few other products new for 2011 and a revamped site so go check out what they
have on offer at their website.

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