Rock Shoes – Evolv – Rasta Shaman

We are big fans of the Shaman shoe here at UNDO, aggressive technical shoes are most often hard to wear for hours on end, having a tendency to break you in rather than the other way around. Still, “No pain, no gain” as the saying goes and moving up to a technical shoe from something a little more comfy on the feet does prove to have its advantages. Heel and toe hooks being one aspect and the generally more pointed toes are better for holding onto teeny-tiny features in the rock or those foot holds in the climbing centre that seem to be little more than dried out blobs of paint with a screw in it.

The Rasta Shaman is no different, sporting the aggressive shape of the original Shaman shoe with the down turned asymetric profile and toe knuckle box. The Rasta Shaman also features the opposing hook and loop straps, 4.2mm Trax high friction rubber and toe patch.

The only difference is the colour and according to Evolv, that these shoes are charged with mysterious Rasta Shamen power! So we are talking physical and meta-physical differences here. The Rasta Shamen are a sweet looking black colour with green, yellow and red securing straps flowing down the shoe towards the toe. This is opposed to the orange, blue and black combo given to the original Shaman shoes.

The Rasta Shaman are a limited run of the Shaman so demand will be high, you better get in there quick. Check out Evolv’s website for more info and stockists.


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