Rope Management – Climbing Tips

Just got your 1st climbing rope, finding it a bit of an ordeal? Always finding it full of knots? You need “Rope Management Skills”. This is a quick crash course on rope management for Beginners.

Firstly keep your rope clean. I don’t mean wash it every day, but don’t let it get all muddy and full of ingrained dirt. This get into the external weave of the rope and shortens its life. All that mud and dirt will eventually start to smell. If it does get muddy you can wash it by hand or in a machine using a mesh bag or thin/cheap pillowcase. Use a cold setting and if using soap use a very mild detergent in small quantities. Once washed dry in a dark or shaded warm area. Don’t dry in direct sunlight.

Try not to stand on your rope or let others do this. Standing on your rope can damage the internal and external parts of your rope especially on sharp rock.

Keep it dry. Wet rope is no good so you want to keep it dry especially when use. All is not lost if your rope does get wet, drying it out will return it to normal.

Get a rope bag. A worthy investment. Holds your rope and gear nicely and can be folded flat so your rope has a nice clean dry area to lie on. Rope bags can be expensive but my local centre is near an IKEA, i see many climbers using these as an effective rope bag.

Coil it properly. This will stop those dreaded knots, keeps kincks out and again prolongs the life of your rope. The video below demonstrates how to coil a climbing rope and discusses rope stacking.

I think this is enough to get any new rope owner started.

Climbing Rope Butterfly Coil – How To

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