Sherpa Hat

Winter is COMING! If you hadn’t guessed with the horrendous weather outside. No need to be sad though, the snow and rain will replace the sun 🙂

Last week Kenton Cool (@kentoncool) was in town with Neil Gresham (@neil_gresham) on the Sherpa tour. Chris and I got ourselves some tickets and headed out to Edinburgh (both of us hate driving there, seriously, what’s right with the roads there???).

At this point you’d probably expect me to be giving you a break down of the talk, no. That’s not going to happen. Because something far more awesome happened. I won a HAT! I also go 2 free Climb magazines. I love free stuff. I am going to tell you about the hat…

Firstly, I’d heard about Sherpa but not too any extent. I’d definitely hadn’t seen any of their products until that night.

This is the hat I won :-

Apologise for my face. If you don’t like that one you can look at this one of the day I won it. I’m the guy you can’t see at the back 🙂

I was really impressed with it. Because I’ve got a lot of hair my head usually gets really hot an itchy whenever I wear a hat, no matter how cold it is! The Sherpa hat solves this by having a fleecy band around the inside of the hat but the top is just the outer knitted material – see :-

The make up of this hat and the thinking behind it, although simple, is what makes it such a great hat….not just that I won it!

I can’t wait till I get a good look at the other gear which should be in the shops end of this month just in time for season kick off!

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