Sketchy Andy Does Super Bowl XLVI

…does what it says on the tin. However, some of you may not have been as luck as I to have attended the Banff film festival (official Glasgow twitter tag was #BANFFGLA, be on it for next year).

Sketchy Andy Lewis does slacklining to the extreme, free, harnesses round wrist and ankles and naked. Despite him and others calling it a sport repeatedly in the movie I refused to call it a sport. It’s crazy, difficult and crazy again. But it’s not a sport.

So here are some Sketchy Andy Lewis videos with the finally being Super Bowl XLVI

Sketchy Andy Lewis Show Reel 2011

Andy Lewis Slackline Double Backflip Attempt

4:30 in! His dismount was phenomenal. It looked like a scene for an epic manga movie! Madonna was LOVING IT!

Personally I thought the half time show at the Super Bowl was impressive! I thought it’d sux but it was very entertaining.

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  1. Wanna be Slackliner

    He’s mental. Heard he does it naked too!

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