Snap Marshmallow, Burrito and Bun – Climbing Crash Pads

Following on from my post on the Snap Calzone crash pads, Snap also do various derivatives of the Calzone. These are the Marshmallow, Burrito and Bun. I am not sure why Snap name their bouldering mats after junk food. It could be derived from the menus at the popular Chamonix village hang outs, where you can dine on such fine French cuisine such as the steak, cheese and fries baguette or jumbo double hotdog. Whatever the reason it Snap’s variations on the Calzone design offer full fat specifications.

Marshmallow is snaps bargain basement version of the main Calzone crash pad. The Marshmallow still gives you 6.5cm of PU foam and 2.5cm of closed cell EVA foam but the EVA foam is slightly softer than that used in other Snap models (most likely lending itself to the marshmallow name). This makes the Marshmallow 500g lighter weighing in at 4.5Kg rather than the Calzone’s 5Kg. The Marshmallow has a polyester cover instead of the ripstop and tarpaulin cover on Snap’s other mats. Another cost saving alternative is the replacement of Snaps Aluminium buckles with plastic ones. All in all I’m not seeing any drawbacks other than possibly weaker buckles so just don’t stuff it until it bursts.

Snaps Marshamallow crash pad

The Burrito is built with the high ball boulders in mind. This 2m by 1m crash pad looks like it should have a silent night sticker on it. This is a veritable mattress of a crash pad offering ample ground coverage when attacking those high balls, because you don’t want to be worrying where your mat is. The Burrito has the same 2.5cm EVA foam, and 6.5cm PU foam as the Calzone only the Burrito is double the size of the Calzone. The Burrito rolls up like, well, a Burrito. It comes with a shoulder strap or can be carried like a back pack. I think to make life easier you could wrap a reasonable sized rucksack or dry bag within the folds of the Burrito and carry it as one. You could easily get a good night’s kip on this beast so if you’re camping you won’t need aground mat for your sleeping bag. The Burrito also has the same ripstop upper and tarpaulin washable ground side that is now familiar on Snap pads.

Snaps burrito bouldering mat

If the Burrito is too big and you are looking for something with more cushioning than the Calzone or Marshmallow you can try for the Bun. Almost identical to the Calzone in size the Bun has 2cm of the closed cell EVA foam and a very generous 10cm of the PU foam. The Bun offers maximum shock absorption but still cushions the blow by incorporating the EVA foam. A vital mat for those frequent in making a big splash back to earth.

Snaps bun bouldering crash pad

All three mats are of equal use in varied bouldering situations with each variation lending it’s self to a more specialised style of climbing. Marshmallow giving easier portability in hard to access routes, Burrito greater ground coverage and the Bun guarding against big impacts. For more info, availability, styles and colours visit the Snap website

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