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For over fifteen years Sterling Rope has been designing and manufacturing rope and cord for climbing. Sterling ropes are made to perform extraordinarily well in all conditions due to their unique DryCore and Better Braid Technology. These processes give you incredibly durable ropes that are smaller in diameter, lighter, and easier to handle, as well as dry cores, designed to keep moisture out and performance up.

So what is DryCore? DryCore is Sterling’s unique way of treating the core yarns so as to reduce yarn-on-yarn abrasion and moisture absorption. This provides the strength of your rope. If your rope gets wet, it loses critical strength and elongation will increase, a wet rope can lose up to 30% of its
strength. Ropes constructed with DryCore had less increase in elongation than standard ropes and maintained their strength characteristics while ropes without DryCore did not.

Sterling Evolution Rope

The Evolution series are Sterling’s original dynamic ropes. These ropes are constructed with the perfect balance of sheath to core, which results in the ideal weight?to?diameter ratio. In conventional ropes, it is usually only the sheath fibres that are dry-treated.

The Evolution series consist of Kosmos, Velocity and Duetto models. These ropes also have DryCore standard on all its cores and are suitable for all types of climbing. These ropes come in a generous range of styles and colours and with such performance claims, a versatile range and a sterling
reputation it’s no wonder climbers like Chris Sharma use them.

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  1. Great ropes! Particularly useful for long climbs in Scotland! 🙂

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