TCA Glasgow – UNDO Feature

I’ve been scouring TCA Glasgow’s blog and website, looking at the pictures of the setup that will be available in the new venue. I for one cannot wait for it to open. It just looks awesome, some of the more notable features are:

The Island – an irregular shaped central bloc, laden with various prows, groves and a 15 degree endurance board.

The Climbing Academy Glasgow

High, High-ball – TCA Glasgow have some pretty high walls so you will have to get over “the fear”.

Endurance runs – The centre will have specially designed endurance routes in order to build stamina and sustained strength for climbing specific goals.

TCA Glasgow Endurance wall

Treatment rooms – These are available at Ratho but due to the GCC’s limited size it’s not a luxury that they have been able to supply. The Climbing Academy Bristol offer treatment rooms and so will TCA Glasgow in the fullness of time.

Air con – Spurred on by the recent weeks humidity, TCA Glasgow have recently been boasting a fan that can produce 25mph winds to keep the centre cool and fresh. Clearly they haven’t been in Scotland long enough. We all know you could just open a window and get more than you needed in “fresh” gusts.

TCA Glasgow air conditioning

Comp. Wall – The centre will be sporting a competition wall where specifically rated routes can be set up, allowing you to test your metal or to provide competition space that won’t intrude on the other centre users climbing time.

TCA Glasgow compeition wall

So all and all it’s looking pretty good. The only draw backs we have seen are some niggling issues on pricing. Some people say they are asking too much, others have asked for membership pricing for access to only one centre. On this latter point it has been mentioned that Bristol’s membership price will increase to include the Glasgow location. It will be interesting to find out the reaction to that news and if it applies to old memberships also.

The new centre is definitely a hot topic so keep an eye on the blogs for updates.

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