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The Climbing Academy Glasgow will be Glasgow’s newest indoor bouldering venue. The well established Bristol based Climbing Academy has decided to bring its unique perspective on climbing to Scotland and so far it is looking very impressive.

Based in Kinning Park, Ibrox the 15,000ft venue has extensive bouldering routes that include hi-ball and 3D bouldering. There are no walls a complex as this in Glasgow and it’s going to give a massive boost to the many budding boulderers in the area. I’m particularly interested in the 3D bouldering as doing this outdoors is pretty risky without the right gear and firstly you have to find a decent spot to do it.

The main arena has an island with various inclined prows, this is then surrounded by wall of all shapes and sizes, finally topped off with a complex shaped roof sure to be a challenge for anyone. The Glasgow Climbing Academy will also be boasting a shop, cafe and training area.

The construction is still ongoing but hopefully the centre should be open in the next few months. If you can’t wait until then, then check out the The Glasgow Climbing Academy’s blog and face book pages on the links below. They are packed full of updates and tasty glimpses of the walls available.

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