Tendon Speedy Rope Bag – Climbing Equipement

The Tendon Speedy is a fairly original look at sorting your rope out quickly. Being able to put your rope in and out of the bag quickly and more efficiently allows you to move around pitches quicker with less fuss.

This compact bag has the rope mat stitched inside funnelling into the top of bag. Fully exposed, the rope mat looks like any other rope mat on the market. The top two corners have toggles in order secure your rope ends. With your rope bundled onto the mat, lifting all 4 corners pours your rope into the bag. Tucking the mat in on top of the rope inside neatly covers the rope and retains the rope ends. Drawstrings close the bag shut keeping your rope packed up safe and tidy. It really is a matter of seconds and with no fuss you’re off to your next route. The bag is water resistant and has a shoulder strap for easy carrying. It also comes with two plastic caribiners for retaining the bag ton another bag or for clipping light items like your harness bag and belay to the Tendon bag.

Tendon Speedy Rope Bag

The tendon bag comes in at around £15 fairly cheap for a rope bag, especially one offering a pretty useful gimmick. Check out Tendons website for more info and availability.

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