Trango Shark – Climbing Accessories

What is this evil monster see before me? It’s none other than the Trango Shark. This nut tool looks so dangerous I’m surprised you’re allowed to take it ouside.

Yes it’s just a nut tool but it’s also doubles up as a folding lock knife. With a blade made from 440-C surgical steel the Shark has a serrated blade that can be opened with one hand however the design of the toll won’t let the blade accidentally open while still on a carabiner. The Blade folds into the handle while you use the nut tool, but when opened you can use the nut tool end to extend your reach to get at those awkward slings etc.

Trango Shark nut tool

It’s a nice well thought out piece of kit and gets my money. So, for stockist and to find out more about the shark nut tool visit the Trango website.

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