UNDO News – 3 Peaks Dog Bed / Crash Mat


I’ve recently been babysitting my mates dog Missy for a couple of weeks. In efforts to be a good host I found myself trawling the local pet shops for chews and treats to keep her amused.

I’ve been totally astounded by sheer variety of bling that you can pick up for your 4 legged friend. Most notably, the 3 Peaks dog crash mat. Yep, that’s right you can now sort your best bud to a mat of their own while you are out on the rocks.

The 3 Peaks dog crash mat is made with heavy duty materials such as a waterproof Cordura style outer cover and non-slip friction pad base so it can be used indoors or out and can be used as a boot liner to protect your car from the muddiest of pals.

The 3 Peaks crash mat is meant as a dog bed so it wouldn’t save you from any falls but it does come in real crash pad sizes with the largest being 110cm x 69cm and 4 inches deep.

At only £26 for the largest mat these would be worth while to use in distracting your 4 legged bouldering buddy from taking a break under your own crash zone.

You can get these mats in store or on-line at pets at home.


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