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So as you know we have been following Base Cubic for quite a while now. Base Cubic have been producing a good selection of quality chalk bags and buckets, hand made in the UK, that have been featured in UNDO reviews. As if that wasn’t enough, Dave the main man behind Base Cubic also produces a bouldering guide for the Cotswold area. These guides are available exclusively from Base Cubic and will be reviewed in one of our upcoming reviews.

The main reason Base Cubic was setup is because Dave and his fellow local boulderers we’re sick of the poor quality they found in mass produced matswe and the lack of a crash pad suitable for high ball routes.

Well as the old addege goes “if you want something done right you might as well do it yourself” and thats what Dave did, spending countless hours on research and developmentment on. Finding the right combination of foams and layers testing it out on himself and local boulderers to finally produce the Velocity 5 high ball mat.

V5 - Big!

The Base Cubic Velocity 5 is constructed of the finest foams boasting better construction, density and shock absorption than that of foams traditionally used in the crash pad industry. The initial build of the Velocity 5 has 6 layers of bonded foam with one layer unbounded. The nature and construction of these foams is a closely guarded secret, but we can assure you mat construction of this type is going to be expensive so you won’t see many copycat mats of the same quality. This mat is a hinge fold design wrapped in high quality PU Cordura keeping that foam away from dampness and mould prolonging the life of your mat. The Velocity 5 is a backpack carry design with military grade webbing hooks which can be removed when needed. The Velocity 5 is a 1.5m x 1m x 149mm mat giving you a mat comparable or bigger in size than a good few lead brands on the market. The Velocity 5 is a tad under 6 inches deep and from Ellis Butler-Barker, one of Base Cubics sponsored boulderers it surprisingly light to carry and like falling into a foam pit when dropping from high ball moves.So its looking like full steam ahead for these long awaited Base Cubic mats in 2013.

UNDO will be giving the Velocity 5 a thorough review later in the year hopefully during prime bouldering season! In the mean time we will be bringing you a bit more on Ellis Butler-Barkers’s thoughts on the mat during his recent accents.

If you can’t wait for that you can get more info and place an order at the Base Cubic page.


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