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Things look like they are progressing nicely at the Momentum Bouldering camp these days, especially in the area of their upcoming bouldering mats.

Momentum Bouldering is another exciting new bouldering specific company designing, testing and manufacturing in the UK. With the mass manufactured couch cushions being fed to us, often at crazy prices through the major retailers, it’s good to know that there are some guys out there putting some thought behind their products.

Momentum are just the type of guys who put a lot of thought into their products and aren’t afraid to show it. Starting out with chalk bags and buckets Momentum posted a montage clip of how the bags are made.

Following this UNDO have been keeping a close eye on the testing and construction of Momentum’s eagerly awaited bouldering mats. The pictures of the guys testing the mats show a good sized product with a generous thickness.  The mats will come in 3 sizes, a large pad which is 130cm x100cmx11cm, a small pad which is 100cm x 80cmx11cm and a sit pad which is 70cm x 50cm x 5cm.

Pictures give you a good idea of what the pad will look like and it’s sizes, however Momentum have went that little bit further and show a comparison test between the foam from their mats and that of a mainstream competitor side by side. The difference is pretty astounding.

Foam Test 1.mp4

Momentum are now putting up the initial colour designs for their pads on the Momentum Bouldering  blog, website and if you check out and like the Momentum Bouldering facebook you can see some of the bouldering team and the mats in action.

While you wait for the release of these mats, Momentum have sent us their chalk bucket and bags for review so make sure you check that out and while you are at it, like the UNDO facebook page where we will have; competitions, links to reviews, products and of course pictures of the UNDO crew falling off stuff.


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