UNDO Review – 8b+ – Felix Chalk Bag

We previously told you about 8b+ the new bouldering products outfit from Austria, well they were nice enough to send out a rather adorable Felix chalk bag for review.Felix - crazy, stark, liebt chalk

As per I’ve been out having fun bouldering rather than getting the work done but hey, the sun in Scotland is rare thing and you have to grab the chance when you get it.

So, all this while wee Felix has been adorning my desk like a little climbing mascot. Now that I’m getting a chance to fully inspect the 8b+ chalk bag I have got to admit it’s a lot more than just a novelty item, these chalk bags have had a lot of thought put in to them.


Felix is one of a set of 3 chalk bags from 8b+ the others are Lena (grey) and Peppi (black) although they look slightly different, the construction of each bag is the same so this review applies to them all. The Felix chalk bag has a fuzzy/fleecy outer with a smiley, tongue out expression and two button eyes giving Felix cute looks that will appeal to everybody except the most hardcore miser. In addition to the face on the outside of the bag Felix has two arms a belt loop a karabiner loop, a brush loop and a toggle to tighten the pocket with. As a result of this clever thinking these bags will hold all you need to climb and can fit on either a belt or by the 8b+ Karabiner supplied. It’s this detail and value added stuff that make indie supplier so much better in my view.

Lena - cool, frech, bereits ganz obenPeppi - wild, bissig, immer hungrigFelix - crazy, stark, liebt chalk

Inside Felix is a collar which is tightened with the toggle on the outside to help stop chalk escaping and further inside, the pocket is lined with fleece, good for helping cover the hands thoroughly. Felix is quite a shallow bag, this is going to be good for those with smaller hands such as children but also for us adults. Trying to dip into a deep chalk bag can be tricky especially on crux moves.

I like the fleecy outer to Felix, you can use it to dry sweaty fingers with having to add more chalk reducing the chance of making your fingers slick with a chalk/sweat combo.

All in all the Felix is a great bag for climbers of all ages and genders, quality build and supplying a Karabiner with the bag is something rare these days and just save you hassle in the long run.

If you want to get a hold of these you can check out 8b+ direct or you can keep an eye on the UNDO blog where you can get a chance to win a Felix bag in our upcoming competition.


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