UNDO – Review – Momentum Boulder Bucket

As we mentioned before  Momentum Bouldering are pretty new on the scene and are currently still testing their mat designs, which by the look of it are coming along nicely and soon to be released.

In the mean time they are fashioning some very nice looking chalk bags and buckets. Again in true momentum form, you can get a look at how these products are made, by hand and not in a machine so a little bit of care goes into making each bag.

I spoke to Gareth of Momentum Bouldering to get more info on the bags, he went one further and sent us a Boulder Bucket and chalk bag. The chalk bag left the day it arrives to join Nick out in NYC on his review of the bouldering available in Central Park and whatever he can find out around Long Island. Don’t say we don’t put this stuff through its paces.

Mean while back in rainy, humid Glasgow, I’ll have the Boulder Bucket here and I’ve been attempting to see how much stuff I can jam in the pockets as well as putting it through the usual tests.

First off let us start with what the Momentum Boulder bucket looks like. The Boulder Bucket is in the 1.5l to 2l chalk capacity range. If you are not sure about what this means to you, 1.5l of chalk has kept myself and 3 other regular indoor wall guys going for about 6 months 3-4 times a week and I still have half to three quarters of a bag left. It’s a lot, it will last you a good while if you don’t kick it over and don’t have an addiction to chalk as some people do, but that’s a rant for another time.

The Boulder Bucket is has a heavy duty Nylon outer with a light weight Nylon inner and a fleece lining in the chalk area. The good bit is where the outer is split along the equator of the bag by a double tagged zip. Both the top and bottom half of the bag can be customised to your pleasing from a pretty wide selection of colours available. This means that you can order a bag unique to you at no extra cost. How cool is that!

The bag is a fairly standard tube shape bag but with the addition of the pockets and a well thought out strap it becomes more than standard. There is no chalk retaining collar, instead Momentum have opted for a wide open mouth with a Velcro fastening. This makes access easier but tipping more hazardous. Not necessarily a bad thing, it all depends on how often you kick chalk buckets over and I don’t do that that much. As for keeping your chalk secure and dry, the Velcro seal keeps the chalk and the belt/carry handle allows the bag to be rolled shut, much like the Pod Sac dry bags.

Coming back to that handle or is it a belt loop, it functions well as both. Being made from Nylon webbing means it’s strong and definitely does the job, being adjustable this also works well in keeping the bag sealed as I mentioned earlier.

The next thing that’s very visible on this bag is its pockets or at least one pocket is very visible. The bag is split around the middle by a chunky double zip that opens all the way round to the back of the bag. Inside is a pocket that is around 2-3 inches deep and extends all the way round the bag. At the bottom of the bag is a Velcro sealed pocket around ¾ the size of the buckets base, another great stash for stuff but I suspect that the main use for this is for heavy items to weigh the bag down.

P7031491 P7031497

I managed to stuff a big 20oz tub of Tip Juice, 60ml tub of Sypeland Climbers Balm, a puck of Sore Paw Products skin repair and a big roll of tape in the main pocket and then added a wallet and my phone to the pocket in the base of the bucket. I had the chalk pocket jammed full of towel to fill the bag for the shoot, fitting all this gubbins into the pocket was fairly easy, trying to get the labels up meant that the bag was in no way jammed full so I think it could take more. Just to check I took the balms and tape out and fitted a cunningly folded t-shirt into the main pocket with ease and a good amount of room to spare.  If you go with the thought that loose chalk is going to have more give than a tightly packed towel the main pocket could effectively take all the balms and the t-shirt combined.


Finally the Momentum Boulder Bucket has the standard elastic loops on the outside to hold brushes etc. Retailing at £30 for the custom version or £25 for the standard off the shelf colours you get a lot of bucket for your money, and it’s made in the UK and it actually works.

If you are looking to get a hold of one of these buckets, contact Momentum Bouldering direct via their website and stay tuned for the chalk bag review here at UNDO.



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