UNDO – Review – Troll Omni

This spring Troll are rolling out their Omni climbing trousers, described by Troll as “The benchmark climbing pant” and “simple, practical and comfortable with a high performance fabric”

I’ve been testing out a pair when climbing indoor at the TCA and GCC and outdoor down at Craigmore.

The first thing I noticed with these trousers where that they are extraordinarily comfy, and I know a thing or two about comfy trousers. The size I received was an XL, I’m about a 32” waist so they seemed massive on me but the fitted belt tightened enough for them to fit comfortably with no slippage. So, roomy and comfy!

The Omni trousers are made of Swedish FOV fabric designed to give a light weight cotton feel with breathable properties while at the same time being windproof and water resistant. I did some research into what FOV fabric is. I found that FOV is actually a fabric manufacturing company and not the name of a product. Either way they clearly do good stuff, the Omni trousers are definitely windproof. I foolishly thought the Scottish weather would stay nice for me, I went out one sunny morning only for the sky to turn grey and, as per, I was suddenly in gales sleet and rain. Typical!


Still this did give the Troll trousers a decent work out as I was kept dry and that cold biting wind didn’t get through the trousers.

Indoors the Omnis worked pretty well also. I usually wear on old pair of Craghoppers or martial arts trousers for bouldering indoors. I found Troll Omni gave a good degree of flexibility better than the Craghoppers and similar to the MA trousers.


Another thing I liked was the pockets in the Omni trousers, they’re pretty roomy and deep enough to keep stuff in but with this they aren’t very secure I found my locker key falling out on overhang problems.

So my overall view of the Troll Omni trousers is positive however my only beef is with the belt it’s a pretty basic webbing style belt with a buckle similar to that you would find on the securing strap of a bouldering mat. It’s fitted to the trousers so it can’t be removed and I’ve found that after washing, general wear, etc. the belt gets twisted up inside the waistband which is annoying to say the least.

Troll Omni trousers are available in various sizes and colours with one option being a Troll logo pattern. If you want to get a pair of these more info on availability can be found at the Troll website.

Tech spec:

Material:              100% Polyester

Sizes:                     S, M, L, XL Unisex

Features:             Water resistant, Windproof

Pockets:               2 Front, Rear with closure


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