UNDO – TCA Glasgow Mini Comp – March Madness

We had an awesome time at the TCA on Sunday. I had psyched myself up for the comp. but by the time I got there I just wanted to boulder for fun of it rather than points, I didn’t have my competiton head on.  Almost all of the routes had changed since last time I was at the TCA so everything was all fresh and new to us.

As if this wasn’t enough reason for a quality Sundays bouldering the TCA was jam packed with entertaining mini comps, a raffle and a sale stall with offering 25% off shoes, quickdraws, rope bags, helmets and many other bits and bobs for the avid climber.

Ellis Brigham Dyno – The dyno competition was a laugh. I enjoy a good dyno but even I had to give up when the distance started getting near the 2m mark. It didn’t stop me or many others trying despite many falls, it was all good fun. The male winner in this comp. was Andy Wilson catching a nice 2.31m. The ladies however didn’t seem to interested in the dyno competition with only a few entrants, however the winner of the female dyno was Lasma Sietinsone who won, narrowly beating Emily Eadie by sticking 1.54m in fewer attempts.

Alpkit Grope the slope – Not many participants on the slope comp. I got a fair 10s on this beast I think I could have held longer if you where allowed a 2nd attempt.  Neil Glover more than tripled this time with a nice 35s hang.

Mountain Hardware Pull-up competition – I was too knackered by the time I got to this comp, so I didn’t even try. A couple of sessions on the insane traverse route killed me off. Lasma Sietinsone the dominant female busting out 15 reps. and Stu Lyall won with a tiring 23 reps.

Scarpa Endurance Circuit – This was insane, a massive traverse taking up most of the back right hand wall of the TCA arena. The route started at ground level and worked an intense figure of 8 along the wall over a multitude of faces, volumes and holds.  Lasma Sietinsone and Christie Macleod endured this torture to gain 1st & 2nd place respectively for the females, with Henry Cowan 1st and Richard Abel 2nd for the males.

As if this wasn’t enough the mini comp wielded a wealth of problems with the entrants and their rankings available on the TCA blog.

An excellent day and made better by the quality of the crowd the cliques, elitist climbers where definitely outnumbered adding to a great atmosphere. I’m eagerly awaiting the next one.


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