UNDO – Why buy from the wee guy

UNDO love boutique and nobody does boutique quite like UNDO.

This isn’t a hipster thing, this is a quality thing. I’m not the 1st and if things keep going the way they are I sure won’t be the last to pass comment on certain big name branded manufacturers forcing mediocre garbage on us.

How often have I been browsing through some big chain store groping the merchandise, bouldering mats for example, and had to stop and check again. I’m not paying £200+ quid for a 1m square haberdashery knock up.

Seriously you know it yourself, often there is more padding in an IKEA couch than what is on offer to us. This is where the smaller or more select manufacturer is called for.

Take my Alpkit Phud for example, rock hard to sit on but squishy enough to not break your back. It’s softer than the ground but hard enough to stop rock poking through it. £80, bargin. I look forward to trying out the new line, they have a lot to aspire to.

It’s also good to know that what your paying your hard earned on hasn’t just been slung out the back of a machine. To know that there is a guy putting a bit of thought and effort into it makes you want to spend your cash on it, this is tried and tested.

It’s also a bonus to know that the guy who built, designed and or tested it knows a thing about rocks, and I’m not talking a geologist. It’s a good thing then that I can bring you news, and hope, that the future is bright, the future is full of guys like Gareth from Momentum Bouldering.

Behind every chalk bag lies a story…

In the clip you see hand made chalk bags and boulder buckets made with love and care. Proof that you’re not getting machine made clart, you can even specify the most hideous combo you want from their available colours just so you know its yours.

Keep following the UNDO blog for more from the better side of bouldering and climbing products!

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