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Rockentrics are one of Wild Country’s best selling products and it’s easy to see why. Being one of Mark Vallance’s last creations, the Rockcentrics employ the logical step of modifying the traditional hex nut design by curving the hex faces. In doing this you get both the multi angle deployment of a hex nut with the secure fit of a curved wedge.

Wild Country Rockcentrics Hex

Made of T6 alloy the Rockcentrics are fitted with Dynnema slings and allow four placement options per nut. This gives unparalleled versatility while being very light. The weight range of Rockcentrics starts at 34g for a 31mm span, up to 156g for a 73mm span.

I’ll be looking for these under the tree this Christmas for sure. To get more info on availability, colours and sizes go to Wild Country.

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