World Dyno Record – Climbing Competitions

The Cliffhanger festival is coming to Sheffield again this year. Cliffhanger is the UK’s largest outdoor pursuit festival, bringing together climbing, cycling, running and many other outdoor activities.

What we are interested in though is the dyno world record. Skyler Weeks took the title at the 2010 Cliffhanger festival. Skyler Weeks achieved a dyno of 2.625 metres (more than 8 feet, buy leaping from two handholds to a single finishing jug. This beat the previous title holders 2.6 metre jump which held for 5 years. Skyler’s glory didn’t last long though as Peter Wurth of Germany smashed through the 2.625m bench mark with and awesome 2.775m. This is surely pushing the boundaries of human physiology.

With such strong competition on show at these events, Cliffhanger is sure to be a dyno battleground. For some idea of the action to expect check out this article.

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